Brief info about 2dwarfs

We are a development team from Europe, striving to do better things every day. We value organization, but we value work first. We value process, but we do not underestimate the human idea and the resuts that come out of it. That’s why we need and want to create. That is why we love programming, because it’s noble and brings products. We don’t care much for the process in general but for the idea. The idea grows, it forms new ideas. The process is helpful for the time the idea is being realized, but after that it exists no more. That’s why we put special attention to the delivery of the solution. The architecture of the software product, its background, the UI, the UX, every tiny bit of detail that would make the user “WoW” and the customer “Yes!”.

We do small codes, deliver big results. We do mobile and web solutions. We have success with delivering few products of our own and working with few other clients out there. You can check out our portfolio. It is not our goal to reach as many clients and project as possible, but rather to have as many satisfied clients as possible. We want to pay attention to every detail the client wants, so we wisely play the game of development, putting all our effort to succesfully finish few projects rather than the bad reputation of starting and never finishing 10 projects.

Any questions you want to ask, just contact us and we’ll be at your service.

What and how do we do it?

The most planned phase of the software development at the 2dwarfs is the iteration. We see the Iteration as sort of a deity. We praise it and bring all our work as sacrifice to it. It gives us the fruits of the product. Every software product is being planned in separate iterations until the final product is reached. The development is agile and the contact with the client is on daily basis. We also do constant code-review internally so that we keep the quality of the code to topmost level.

In our work we use open-source tools mostly, if the requirements do not suggest otherwise. The VCS of choice at 2dwarfs is ‘git’, we appreciate distributed more than centralized. The code we produce is elegant and beautiful, fullfiling the general standards and code conventions for the technology being used.


Among other things in the field of programming, we also offer consultancy services, especially when it comes to Android and Web development.

The growth of Android as platform understands considering it in every serious business or personal-use establishment. The fragmentation at some points leads to frustrations that the developers, business owners or UI/UX designers have to overcome by reading, searching and testing. At one point this seems to be easy, what’s that hard in searching and reading what Google shows? But that takes time. And time multiplied by business returns smaller business value. Again, Android’s stack is open-source so overcoming potential problems would be easier for our team.

Also we offer our expertise in bringing web solutions in the field of Python/Django, Java, C#/.Net and HTML5/Javascript.