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Post-planning a big project: we need developers

19/06/2014 | Add comment

Interesting times are before us. We won the second place on the Ericsson Applications Award and now we want to go further with the development of the project. We are looking for good and prepared teams that do web development and that want to get involved into projects such as on freelance or full-time positions. If […]


2dwarfs in the finals of EAA with

19/05/2014 | Add comment

On Wednesday (21/05/2014) is the final of the Ericsson Application Awards in which we participate as finalists. 2dwarfs in collaboration with Nova Solutions has developed a Farmers-friendly tool/platform that will ease the life of the farmers in general. We won’t discuss much about it, just wish us luck and anyway will bring good news (either […]


Ericsson Application Awards semifinalists

01/04/2014 | Add comment

We are happy to announce that we made it into Ericsson App Awards semi-finals. Out of 300 registered teams and projects we made it into the final 5 in the “Company” category. The solution we worked together with Nova Solutions company is called Farmarket and it’s about making agriculturists and users of agri-services life easier […]


Kidography – kids go geography!

21/02/2014 | Add comment

Some time ago, when we had a bit more free time we started working on a project of our own that we named Kidography. It’s a Quiz-based application that offers a series of questions about Geography and whose main purpose and target are children and youngsters. 6 months have passed and today we are happy […]


We moved!

23/01/2014 | Add comment

For 2 years we’ve been using Vosao CMS as our primary CMS. A wonderful software (GPLv2 licensed by the way). It was nice experience, we learned how to use it, how to make it work, we collaborated with the community, we hosted it on Google Appengine, which was an additional experience.. up until one day […]


JavaCodeGeeks partnership

19/10/2012 | Add comment

We are happy to announce our newest collaboration with a project called JavaCodeGeeks. It’s an independent online community focused on creating the ultimate Java-to-Java developers resource center; targeted at the technical architect, technical team lead (senior developer), project manager and junior developers alike. The website created a JCG (JavaCodeGeeks Program) for building partnerships between communities, teams and developers all […]


New Android app: Scumbify

24/09/2012 | Add comment

We worked on an idea we had few months ago this weekend. And we finished it, turns out to be hilarious. It’s a Scumbag Steve-like meme creator for your device. What we actually wanted to try is a 3rd party multi-touch controller – which turned out to work perfectly. Thanks to the developers that created this and released the […]