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Android: Basic modern navigation

27/01/2014 | Add comment

In this tutorial we’ll build basic navigation application that will switch between fragments using the latest Navigation Drawer layout from Google. As one of the more modern UI patterns nowadays turns out to be the side bar menu navigation, the helpful layout that appears from left or right and gives you more possibilities. It was […]


Short tips: Merge two folders under Linux

22/11/2013 | Add comment

Sometimes it happens the revision controlling system (i.e. SVN or Git) structure and configuration of a project in Eclipse to get broken, making the user unable to use the VCS. This very same thing happened today so after lots of work we were unable to commit the changes to the Git repo we use. What […]


Short tips: SQLite – append text to existing fields

19/07/2013 | Add comment

We came to a situation where we needed to update a table with ~180 records with additional text. Like, every second record was supposed to contain the current value (string) plus append something else, so that if the original value was: The quick brown fox jumps we needed to append: ” over the lazy dog” […]


Short tips: “OAuthNotAuthorizedException: Authorization failed” solution

16/07/2013 | Add comment

Sometimes while implementing a Twitter to Android integration using an OAuth authentication with Signpost and Twitter4j we get unexpected results. Avoiding to use stronger words, for now, we’ll just say that that situation is bad. Hard to debug, trace and resolve. Few days ago we came to a pretty illogical situation. While we’re using a test application on Twitter […]


Android: Leaf fall-like animation using property animators

22/03/2013 | Add comment

In the previous tutorial we explained how property animations work in general. Now we’ll go even further and explain how to create a property animation that would create leaf-falling-like effect for an ImageView in which we’ll, apparently put images of leaves. For that purpose we need few images that represent leaves. We found the ones […]


Android: Multi-touch gestures controller

12/01/2013 | Add comment

Few of our projects (ours or for clients) required to implement a multi-touch features for manipulation over images with the standard gestures (drag&drop, rotate, zoom). While an implementation of a multi-touch controller is challenging and fun thing to do, it consumes a lot of time and if there is something ready and simply works, why reinvent the […]


Android: Quick intro to property animations

13/06/2012 | Add comment

Inbetweener animation or tweened animation from digital point of view is the process of generating ‘inbetween’ frames between two images so that the observer gets the impression that the first image is transforming its state from the initial to the ending position. In this sense, there are frames which are known as inbetweens which basically […]