New Android app: Scumbify

24/09/2012 | Add comment

We worked on an idea we had few months ago this weekend. And we finished it, turns out to be hilarious. It’s a Scumbag Steve-like meme creator for your device. What we actually wanted to try is a 3rd party multi-touch controller – which turned out to work perfectly. Thanks to the developers that created this and released the sources. It was pretty tricky to handle the image orientation issues since different devices (and Android versions) consider image’s width and height differently. Thus, on Nexus S (480×800) you’ll have a portrait photo whose size is 2592×1920 – which is weird since the photo is being considered landscape. On the other-hand, Galaxy Nexus gives the proper dimension for the photo, so we had to do some fixing here and there (workarounds) and hopefully we came to what we wanted. What we learned? Don’t trust the specs. No, kidding. It was fun developing this app anyway, have fun!

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