How to hire us?

Doing business with us at the very beginning means only one thing. Trust.

Trust is something we don’t ask from you. We have to earn it. And from the start of our collaboration what we’ll like to do for you and will cost you nothing, would be a plan overview for an idea you’d like to be developed by a team of professionals. If we gain the trust from you, at the point when you can lean on our work totally without worrying whether the job will be done – we can go deeper to meeting your requirements, requests, wishes and everything else until the final goal is reached. We can promise you agilty and constant contact with you fulfilling what we’ll agree upon. In that direction it’d be really useful if we bring every little detail on the table from the start.

As it is really important to build our business on trust and securuty we are constantly trying to fulfill your expectations.

As you may have already read on our website, we do not stick to the conventional practice of organizing the work flow. We try to apply new techniques, more progressive and the ones that would bring better results. We don’t practice broken-SCRUM methodology, if anything we want to have healthy SCRUM organization that would bring up the power of agile and not make even more mess.

What we do is deliver, and we do it in simple iterations that lead to the final solution, step by step, using small codes, achieving great results.

If we managed to tease your business temper somehow and challenged you to try working with us, go ahead, contact us, we wait for an adventure.